How To Make Dumplings

This site contains information, recipes, tips and tricks on how to make chicken, beef, pork vegetable, shrimp, Chinese, fried, steamed, and boiled dumplings along with favourites such as chicken and dumplings and potstickers. You’ll be making tasty dumplings in no time!

Dumplings are a favourite dish throughout the world. Whether served on their own or as a side dish, dumplings provide a quick and easy option to feed from one, to an entire family. Dumplings make great finger food at parties ad can form all or part of the main or side dishes, blending with not only Chinese or Asian cuisines, but also comfortably with a number of international dishes.

Dumplings, of course, are a traditional meal from China, known as jiaozi in Chinese. They are most commonly made during the Chinese New Year period, which usually occurs around later January to early February. The dumplings are traditionally made by the family as a whole and are meant to symbolize the family sticking together. This is something to keep in mind when making dumplings and hopefully a reluctant chef in the family might be able to be persuaded to join in the cooking, should they know of their significance.

Dumplings can be made in all shapes and sizes, but are most commonly around the size of a large egg, to allow for even cooking and nice presentation. This also makes them much easier to eat. Keep this in mind when you are stuffing your dumplings. Don’t make them too big unless your want them all over your face and the table.



The beauty about dumplings is that they can be filled with almost anything, making them suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. You can also serve them straight away or refrigerate or freeze them, making them an incredibly versatile food.

Once you start making dumplings, you’ll find your own tricks to add to your favourite recipes and you’ll find yourself making them more and more often. Be careful. Dumplings are very addictive.

For all of your dumplings, instead of making the dough, feel free to use pre-packaged wonton  or dumpling wrappers. This will speed up the process but I always prefer to create my own dumpling dough.

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Check out this video showing how to make dumplings. It shows great dumpling stuffing technique honed over years of practice in China.